Ashtanga Yoga Senior Teacher- direct student of Patthabi Jois


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Chuck Miller - Ashtanga Yoga Intensiv Seminar über 8 Tage
Chuck Miller - Ashtanga Yoga Intensiv Seminar über 8 Tage

Try to be a beginner!

This absolutely unique workshop in Germany with Chuck Miller - an Ashtanga Yoga Senior Teacher, who has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga for over 50 years, has worked with all experienced teachers (Patthabi Jois, Krishnamacharya, Iyengar and others). Here you have the chance to practice 8 days intensively with one of the most experienced and well-known Ashtanga Yoga teachers worldwide. 

Chuck Miller has been practicing Yoga for over 50 years. He uses Ashtanga Yoga to explain and teach yoga. He is a trained carpenter and lives in Hawaii. In the 80s he founded the yoga studio "Yoga Works" in Santa Monica together with Maty Ezraty, which they sold 20 years later and which today is still known worldwide as Yoga Studio. For years he has travelled the world to share his knowledge about yoga.  


  • Form: 8 Day Intensive Workshop - intensive practice - Hands-on Adjustment and Philosophy
  • Date: Friday, 03.Mai - Friday 10.Mai 2019
  • Time: 8 Day Intensive Workshop - Led Class 11-13 pm - Asana Clinic 14-17 pm
  • Your Teacher: Chuck Miller - Ashtanga Yoga Senior Teacher (engl.) -with german translation by Yvonne Beerenbrock
  • Location: Lüdinghausen, Yamida - Yoga und Meditation in Lüdinghausen, Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 26 


"Whatever you do in Life. Yoga shows you how to do it better."       Chuck Miller


Topics and general information about "Chuck Millers Workshop"

What is this seminar about and which topics are exactly linked with each other?

Try to be a beginner!


Chuck uses Ashtanga Yoga to describe Yoga in its depth. Chuck is a profound yoga teacher. He teaches the true essence of yoga and this is accessible to everyone - at any time - even without being able to practice the 1st series. Chuck's teaching is about experiencing every exercise, every practice as well as every breath as something unique and exploring that moment. He teaches the essential Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali - he teaches you Sam-a-dhi on a purely practical level. Even without the knowledge of Samkhya philosophy of  behind Ashtanga Yoga according to Krishnamacharya, you can experience the essence practically. 

So are you ready to be a beginner?


The workshop focuses on honoring the beginning!

Chuck's teaching will return to the roots and essence of Ashtanga Vinyasa and offer practitioners of all levels a new dimension of yoga: Teachers and experienced practitioners will revolutionize their practice; those who are new to the practice will have the opportunity to get a solid, solid foundation for it.



Chuck Miller - Ashtanga Yoga Senior Teacher at Lüdinghausen at Yamida
Chuck Miller - Ashtanga Yoga Senior Teacher at Lüdinghausen at Yamida

Chuck Miller - Ashtanga Yoga Senior Teacher at Lüdinghausen at Yamida
Chuck Miller - Ashtanga Yoga Senior Teacher at Lüdinghausen at Yamida



"Stand authentically.


Using the practice of SamaSthithi to find a more natural approach to all asana practices.


Using Surya Namaskar (sunsalutations) and Standing posture practices to understand how our Samskaras (impressions/imprints in the deeper structure of the mind) drive us.


Clearing the Samskaras is Nirodha and the purpose of the practice.


We are left wir a sense of ease in the body, clarity of mind."


Daily Schedule for "Chuck Miller Intensive Workshop"

Contact, Directions, Schedule, Price

1. WHAT: Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Workshop with Chuck Miller - Ashtanga Yoga Senior Teacher


2. WHEN: 03.05.-10.05.2019 (incl. lunch)


3. WHO: Chuck Miller and Yvonne Beerenbrock (Translation)


4. WHERE: Yamida - Yoga und Meditation in Lüdinghausen, Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 26, 59348 Lüdinghausen



Early bird price only 800 Euro (this price is only valid until 01.03.2019!!) After that the normal price for 950 Euro is valid.


We have only a limited number of seats!

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We only have a limited number of seats! Therefore sign up early.

Chuck Miller - Ashtanga Yoga Workshop (8 Day Intensive)

03.05. -10.05. 2019 ( 11-13  and 14-17 , incl. lunch)

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